About Us

The Pima Liberator advocates for humanitarian, fiscally responsible justice reform and the end of mass incarceration in Pima County. It also dabbles in politics and political news. Our articles and commentary purposefully reflect the opinions of its editor and writers, and are supported by research and public documentation.

The Liberator was created by Tucson attorney Joel Feinman, after his run for the Democratic nomination for Pima County Attorney in 2016. Joel still lives and works in Tucson as a criminal defense attorney, and teaches justice studies in the School of Government and Public Policy at the University of Arizona.


For better and for worse our criminal justice system gives us a snapshot of what life is like for the millions of Americans who witness, perpetrate, and are victimized by crime. At a time when the U.S. leads the globe in locking people behind bars, and American taxpayers are forced to spend tens of billions of dollars on prisons and jails, it is more important than ever to hold the powerful accountable and present an accurate and human picture of law and justice in our society. The Pima Liberator exists to do precisely that for the people of Pima County.